• In 1992, Karl Stojka was awarded the highest decoration of the Holocaust Memorial Center.
  • In 1994, his autobiography ‘Auf der ganzen Welt zu Hause’(‘At home all over the world’) was published in Vienna.
  • In 1995, he presented his autobiography to Pope John Paul II when he was received in audience. This audience took place on the occasion of an international congress on ‘Pastoral Care of Gypsies’ in Rome, which the artist had been invited to participate in, as representative and delegate of the Austrian Roma and Sinti.
  • In 1999, the then Federal President of Austria, Dr. Thomas Klestil, awarded him the title ‘Professor’ for his achievements in literature and art in Austria.
  • In 2001 Karl Stojka was awarded the Honorary Medal in Silver for his commitments and services to the Federal Province of Vienna. He received this high decoration, granted by the City of Vienna, for his work as a painter and his tireless engagement in processing the history of the holocaust.
  • The year 2003 saw the posthumous publication of his book ’Wo sind sie geblieben…?’ (‘Where have they gone to…?’), presented in the Vienna Parliament by the then vice-president of the Austrian National Council and later Federal President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer.